From a macro perspective, technology vendors always love to talk about the importance of channel. They say things like, "Channel means everything to us," "We run 100 percent of business through the channel," "The channel partners are an extension of their company." From a micro perspective, sometimes what people say and do can be much different. Think about it, is everyone a team player? Does everyone like to work in groups? Do some people have control and trust issues? These are all things that can lead to a single person not wanting to leverage the channel for support. To help showcase some of the values of a channel from both a macro and micro level, I listed three reasons why you should leverage channel from each level.


  1. Raising an "army" – Look at a company like Cisco. They have essentially raised an army. They have provided the army with information on how to use Cisco products and why Cisco products are the best. Cisco has thousands of channel partners all over the world and hundreds of thousands of certified Cisco sales and engineering people. This makes it very hard to compete with them.
  2. Branding – When one organization partners with you, they typically market and advertise by leveraging your brand. This can give you increased brand awareness as partner numbers increase.
  3. Contracts – When dealing with Government, there are hundreds of contracts. When you dive into the state, local and education levels, the number increases dramatically. Why try to
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