I remember when I was a child growing up on a farm in Northern California and getting up, packing the car and leaving way before sunup to arrive in the San Francisco Bay area in time for dinner at my grandparent’s house, after riding the ferry across the bay. We packed our meals, water and toilet paper in the car, because we always left on a Saturday when my father was off work and the gas stations, stores and restaurants were all closed for the weekend. A rest stop was on the side of the highway or behind a tree or bush.

Now, that same trip takes around two hours on the freeway and is served by enumerable convenience stores, restaurants, rest areas, 24 hour stores and a bridge where we rode the ferry.

It’s true that the speed limit of 60 to 70 mph is considerably faster than the 35 mph limit that was on the highway back then. But the freeways are wider, smoother, better maintained and more accurately engineered as well as the vehicles that drive on them have been refined and made more aerodynamic, fuel efficient and speedier. Although my 1953 Ford Fairlane flattop V-8 could go 120 mph when pushed. But that was not the usual.

I remember waiting our turn to use the phone due to the party line, listening for our particular ring to answer it. The phone wasn’t used much because it was still a novelty and was very expensive to use. …

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