Technology is all around us, with our phones, laptops and television. And not to mention all the video game systems there are. We use technology in our everyday lives which means that you spend a great deal of time on your phone and computer, and the time you are spending on those is time you are spending away from your partner.

As you know, technology has a way of being very addicting. You can spend hours on your laptop without even realizing it and you can talk on the phone to your friend for over an hour and a half and when you get off the phone you look at the time and ask yourself where that time just went. You can spend all day watching television and playing your video games. Where does your partner fit into all of this? Maybe when you’re away from one another, you text each other and call one another a few times throughout the day but that isn’t spending time together. Maybe you sit together and watch a TV show when you get home but are you really spending time together? No. You’re both just sitting in front of the TV, not talking, not communicating.

So now that you’ve thought about how much you use technology it’s probably easy to see that it can have an effect on your relationship. I’m sure you don’t want your relationship to be hurt by both of your constant uses of technology so it’s important that you …

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Electronics You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Taking a road trip with kids is no easy feat. They get antsy and restless pretty quickly, making your job of getting your family to their destination harder. Keeping children occupied on a road trip is easy if you stock up on tech gadgets the kids will love. Don’t know what to buy? Don’t fret, I’ve picked out the top 10 tech gadgets that you can’t travel without during a road trip with kids.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Take on a Road Trip with Kids

1. Leapster 2

Leapster 2, a handheld video game system made by Leap Frog, is an essential tech gadget for a road trip with kids. You can buy games with all the kids favorite cartoon characters to keep them occupied. But that’s not the best part. All the games for Leapster 2 are educational, making learning fun for your child. Leapster 2 is perfect for long car rides. This is guaranteed to be a favorite with your child, so bring extra batteries.

2. Tag Reading System

A child needs some good books to read for a long road trip. The Tag Reading System, also made by Leap Frog, is specially designed books that respond to the Tag pen. The Tag pen will read the book to your child, or assist them with reading by helping with specific words. All your child has to do is touch the pen to the word. This interactive reading system also has mini-games built in that …

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Around Thanksgiving every year, people flock to all the big sales to get the latest electronics on the market. There is also an influx of purchases when a new game or system comes out on the market. If you are not an avid gamer, you could really care less about these deals on these electronics but maybe you should. This does not mean you should purchase the gaming system or games but you can capitalize on them.

How to Make Money from a Gaming System

No, we are not talking about joining a tournament online and trying to win some extra money. There is a much safer and hands-off way to make money from these new technologies. Instead, consider investing in the stock of these games. You know for certain that there will be massive sales for these items and if you purchase stock at the right time in their companies, you could see a wonderful return on your investment. As the sales increase, the stock price will rise as well. When everyone is buying these games and systems, you are making money off of their purchases.

Make the Smarter Decision While Investing

Even if you are an avid gamer, you can invest in both the stock and the system. With the rise in technology, and it showing no sign of slowing down, you could potentially keep your stock for many years in these companies. Presently, technology companies are some of the most common choices for stock options. There are …

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April 3rd is the launch of the much awaited Wi-Fi version of the Apple Wi-Fi iPad, and once again lines form in front of Apple stores and Best Buy. However, the over-night campers and lines are not as great as other product launches, such as the iPhone. But not because of the unemployment rate or struggling economy, but because consumers had the option of pre-ordering, and having their Wi-Fi Apple iPad shipped to them.

CNET has a team covering the launch of yet another intriguing product. They are in a few locations like New York and California covering the story. Why is it that people rush out at the launch of a new gadget? It could be the eagerness to get ones hands on it to try it out, you know test it, to see if it does all that its manufacturer has promised. Some consumers just have to be the first to have the latest tech gadget bug, and others may simply be addicted to the thrill of it all. Has technology brainwashed society?

Whatever the case may be new items seem to fly off the shelves in record numbers each time they are launched. In a wavering economy one cannot help wondering if some consumers are stretching their budgets too far by spending hundreds of dollars on the Apple Wi-Fi iPad. It is good for the economy, but is it good for people who may be struggling to pay their bills.

What does this new iPad offer hungry consumers. …

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Technology is a great moving force behind many of the things we do, especially business. When used efficiently and integrated into business processes, it can catapult a company into prominence. Advances in technology are continually reshaping business models, in effect changing the way companies operate, work at expansion, and engage with customers. To gain an edge over the competition, companies have to constantly keep up—and apply—these technological advances to their business.

How about you? How is your business doing in the light of these emerging trends? Are you keeping up with them or are you falling behind?

Why you should keep up

Failing to take advantage of technology for your business will make you fall behind, considering that many—if not all—of your customers spend most of their time online. It’s important to keep up with the newest technology in your industry if you want to stay in the game. Technology also opens a lot of doors for you to connect and interact with your customers, employees, stakeholders, and business partners. If you don’t keep up with technological advances, you may miss the opportunities you need to succeed.

Convinced? Here are two of the most prominent technological advances you should be aware of and begin incorporating into your practice.

Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is a growing trend that enables companies and their workforce to access information and collaborate on projects from anywhere, as long as they are connected online. The cloud offers infrastructure, storage solutions, platforms, and software, and helps businesses …

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People who want to be traders should have few qualities to succeed especially for those who are looking to quit their jobs and depend on spread betting full time. This might be rewarding and you can be successful if you are ready to take the challenges but it is not advisable to quit your job in the beginning stages. Few important things you should have are focus, determination, confidence, dedication, passion and single-mindedness. If you choose trading for your life then you should have spare money a little more than your savings in your bank account and a good service provider by your side always.

Stay Disciplined

It is important to understand that you will either win or lose, you will either get all or none, you will succeed or lose. So, it is very important to stay disciplined while spread betting. It sounds crazy and is also impossible to stay disciplined 100% to this but decide to do your best. With time, you will get better at this.

Learn from Your Losses

It is quite natural to panic when you lose a bet but this is where many lose patience. Do not lose hope and panic when you lose a bet but accept the fact that there will be losses. The difference between winners and losers is that the winners do not lose hope and keep on going while learning from their losses but losers quit doing it on losing one or few bets. Whenever you lose a bet …

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Increasing revenue is one of the top concerns for any business, as well it should be. Without revenue, there is no business. According to many sources, one of the best ways to increase revenue in a business is through customer engagement. Directly engaging customers makes them feel more comfortable patronizing a business and makes in more likely that they will return. There are a few easy ways to increase revenue through customer engagement.

Create a Mission Statement

In order for customers to be able to relate to a company, they must first know what that company stands for. A company that creates a clear mission statement is more easily aligned with customers than one that doesn’t make it known that stand for anything concrete. Putting down in writing what a company is all about makes it easier for a customer to choose which business to patronize. Simply stating what a company believes in makes potential patrons feel more at ease with the company. They will then be more likely to support that company.

Online Marketing and Presentations

Online marketing is a must in today’s technology-centric climate. Companies like Clearslide offer products that enable a company to focus on the end user and worry less about technology. When a business uses an online presentation or other sales engagement products to better relate their messages to their customers, it becomes easier to increase sales, which, in turn, increases revenue. Whether a business chooses to use video marketing, email pitches, or mobile interaction …

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Whether you are a small business owner or a large one, there are certain things you have to do for the benefit of your business. You should treat your repeat customers with care. You should make sure that your company is ready to provide great service. And you should offer something that they can’t find elsewhere for a better price. However, being a one-man show can get very tiring. That is why investing in an ERP is something you should really consider.

What Is an ERP?

If you are not huge into the latest business software or try to avoid technology at all costs, you might not have ever heard of ERP. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. After all, your business is an enterprise, and an important one for you. It is how you make your living and provide for your family and your employees. If there is ERP software available that will help ease some burdens and make your business run more smoothly, then it is something that you should really consider.

What Can It Do for You?

Right now, besides recognizing that ERP is kind of a strange word, you are probably wondering what ERP software can do for you. It is simple to find out how NetSuite, an ERP, works and can assist you in improving your business. For instance, it can help you manage your day-to-day business activities, ensuring that your company is operating optimally. It can handle your accounting, ordering of products, and communication with your …

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I live in a small University town in 
. Although the noise from constant partying and reckless driving is not an issue for me, uniform appearance of students is. Everyday when I am walking to work I see large groups of students, looking just the same. Almost everyone has iPod stuffed into their ears; some are busy sending text messages, while some are talking on their cell phone while shuffling their iPods.

The students are from all the ethnic and racial groups, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, with many being international students. So can we say that all young people around the world think the same way and want the same kind of things? Or do we congratulate the makers of iPod for being able to conquer the hearts and mind of young people, regardless of their culture or nation of origin?

I would congratulate Apple; not only have they created a campaign which make you feel that you are a bygone if you don’t have an iPod, they have also been able to make it a necessity. A young person in college or school who wants to be cool or who just wants to fit into the sea of cool people around needs an iPod. That’s a success for Apple. It is not that young people around the globe want the same; it is the global marketing that makes them want the same.

So does this mean that to fit into the modern college scene you have an iPod or any …

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Microsoft Azure – previously Windows Azure provides a cloud computing service for building, testing and deploying global networks. These enable software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service applications through a global network of Microsoft-controlled data centres.

Security of Data Stored on Azure Cloud Applications

The security of the data centres has been under scrutiny for some time, given that the U.S. Patriot Act may allow U.S. Government access to it, even if the host is not American and the data resides beyond the borders of the United States. However, this argument is largely spurious given that the U.S. Patriot Act is only applicable to terrorist activity.

Full Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation

Moreover, Microsoft Azure is fully compliant with the EU GDPR according to the supplier. The General Data Protection Regulation gives control to citizens and residents over their personal data. Specific provisions include pseudonymisation or full anonymization. These make it theoretically impossible to identify the owner of personal data without additional information stored separately.

There Are Numerous Advantages to Storing Data on Secure Sites

Using Microsoft Azure for primary and backup data storage effectively eliminates the possibility of an irreversible data loss. This assurance is becoming more important as climate change drives more extreme weather, causing natural disasters in diverse places. In many instances, the data is the company. Many companies went down with the Twin Towers, but not because there was anything wrong with how they ran their businesses.

However, it must be said a data manager needs specialist skills …

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