April 3rd is the launch of the much awaited Wi-Fi version of the Apple Wi-Fi iPad, and once again lines form in front of Apple stores and Best Buy. However, the over-night campers and lines are not as great as other product launches, such as the iPhone. But not because of the unemployment rate or struggling economy, but because consumers had the option of pre-ordering, and having their Wi-Fi Apple iPad shipped to them.

CNET has a team covering the launch of yet another intriguing product. They are in a few locations like New York and California covering the story. Why is it that people rush out at the launch of a new gadget? It could be the eagerness to get ones hands on it to try it out, you know test it, to see if it does all that its manufacturer has promised. Some consumers just have to be the first to have the latest tech gadget bug, and others may simply be addicted to the thrill of it all. Has technology brainwashed society?

Whatever the case may be new items seem to fly off the shelves in record numbers each time they are launched. In a wavering economy one cannot help wondering if some consumers are stretching their budgets too far by spending hundreds of dollars on the Apple Wi-Fi iPad. It is good for the economy, but is it good for people who may be struggling to pay their bills.

What does this new iPad offer hungry consumers. Well, according to Apple, “The best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video.” Interesting, we get to do pretty much everything we have been doing, but we now can buy a better experience for $499 or more.

But that’s not all the iPad has a 9.7″ LED back-lit IPS display, precise Multi-Touch screen, and we can take it anywhere with us. And that’s not all, the iPad is less than an inch thick, and weighing in at under 3 pounds makes it pretty desirable. Okay, we get the best experience to do what we’ve been able to do; surf the web, watch videos, send and receive emails, all on a nearly paper thing object.

How developers packed so much into an object that is only 0.5 inch thick is mind boggling to the average person, but who cares how they did it as long as it makes our experience better. Consumers line up for Apples Wi-Fi iPad, and once again technology proves its power over us all.

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