Technology is all around us, with our phones, laptops and television. And not to mention all the video game systems there are. We use technology in our everyday lives which means that you spend a great deal of time on your phone and computer, and the time you are spending on those is time you are spending away from your partner.

As you know, technology has a way of being very addicting. You can spend hours on your laptop without even realizing it and you can talk on the phone to your friend for over an hour and a half and when you get off the phone you look at the time and ask yourself where that time just went. You can spend all day watching television and playing your video games. Where does your partner fit into all of this? Maybe when you’re away from one another, you text each other and call one another a few times throughout the day but that isn’t spending time together. Maybe you sit together and watch a TV show when you get home but are you really spending time together? No. You’re both just sitting in front of the TV, not talking, not communicating.

So now that you’ve thought about how much you use technology it’s probably easy to see that it can have an effect on your relationship. I’m sure you don’t want your relationship to be hurt by both of your constant uses of technology so it’s important that you find ways to release your hold on your phone, laptop and the remote to your TV so you can grab a hold of your partner and spend real time together.

How do you communicate?
You may think that texting and email is a way of communicating, and it is but that doesn’t mean you should only use those as your ways of communicating all the time. It’s important that you really and truly communicate with one another, communication is one of the most important things in a relationship and if you and your partner don’t communicate well in person than your relationship may have some trouble.

Put down your laptop, turn off your phones and turn off the TV so you and your partner can learn to communicate on different levels other than just texting and emailing. Whether you’re talking about work or your children it’s important that you just talk about something that gets you two opening up to one another about how you feel on any topic.

Working on your laptop.
It’s understandable that you need to get work done on your laptop and so does your partner, so that probably means that if someone walked into your home a couple of times everyday, they’d often see you and your partner sitting next to each other, both on your laptops, not really talking or paying attention to one another. You may think that this is spending time together, but you’re wrong. Spending time together means you and your partner are enjoying doing something together that you both enjoy and you are connecting on many different levels.

Technology can cause a lot of stress in your life, with how many different emails you may have, all of your friends on Facebook, your friends and family texting you and calling you every second of the day to tell you the slightest information about their lives and not to mention video games and how much anxiety they can cause. You and your partner both may have to deal with people trying to constantly contact you and your work is making it difficult for you to spend real time together, so how can you kick this technology to make sure it doesn’t ruin your relationship?

Family time.
If you have children, than it’s important that you and your spouse take your children out at least once a week to do something fun together as a family such as bowling or going out to dinner. Don’t just go sit in a movie theater, eating popcorn, you can’t really talk to one another this way. Get out and do something fun, where everyone is moving around and having fun.

Getting into bed with your partner.
When you and your partner lay down at night, do you really think you can even get close to getting intimate if you have your laptop on you and your cell phone attached to your ear. So, you should set a time for when the laptops get put away and the cell phones get shut off. This way you and your partner can spend some time before bed talking and it’s also very important that you get intimate at least 2-3 times a week, and you can’t do that if you keep technology on you at all times so it’s best to start shutting down at about 8 o’clock at night.

Your relationship can easily be ruined if you let technology run your life, so it’s important that you and your partner find ways to connect without technology and you spend quality time together with no phones or computers.


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