Technology is all around us, with our phones, laptops and television. And not to mention all the video game systems there are. We use technology in our everyday lives which means that you spend a great deal of time on your phone and computer, and the time you are spending on those is time you are spending away from your partner.

As you know, technology has a way of being very addicting. You can spend hours on your laptop without even realizing it and you can talk on the phone to your friend for over an hour and a half and when you get off the phone you look at the time and ask yourself where that time just went. You can spend all day watching television and playing your video games. Where does your partner fit into all of this? Maybe when you’re away from one another, you text each other and call one another a few times throughout the day but that isn’t spending time together. Maybe you sit together and watch a TV show when you get home but are you really spending time together? No. You’re both just sitting in front of the TV, not talking, not communicating.

So now that you’ve thought about how much you use technology it’s probably easy to see that it can have an effect on your relationship. I’m sure you don’t want your relationship to be hurt by both of your constant uses of technology so it’s important that you …

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When it comes to setting up and running a business there are many things that need to be considered, first and foremost there are the ideas, products, finances and intellectual property. There are also needs for premises from which to operate and a staffing structure to ensure that things run smoothly.

When the above are in place, business owners must make sure that there is a clear marketing and advertising strategy and that the logistics of day to day operations can be mapped out and executed.

One area that many businesses struggle with however is the area of translation and interpretation. This is essential if they are to take their business to foreign markets and expand internationally. Many companies decide to do this externally and outsource this work to language translation agency.

But why is this often forgotten part of business structure so important and why can neglecting it lead to problems further down the line?

The answer is simple. Many markets are saturated with products and services of a similar ilk, if you or your company have an idea that will translate globally then there has to be the scope for growth and the tools to implement an international strategy.

In a recent study by Forbes magazine looking at the most influential cities in the world in terms of influence and business, there are seven separate languages covering the top 10. This gives you an insight in just how difficult it can be to operate.

The world’s most influential …

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In the world of heavyweights such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, retaining quality staff is as easy as throwing as much money as is required or providing a range of benefits from homes, cars, and even trips to exotic destinations.

And while this works for companies with deep pockets, if you are running a medium sized enterprise then keeping quality staff isn’t that easy.

If you find yourself in this position, below are some great ways for you to retain quality staff without eating into your profits.

Extended Benefits

It’s likely that your company already provides your employees with a level of healthcare, however, does it extend to their partners? How about their children? Does it include dental?

While it may seem like a large addition, including this addition to your employee’s health benefits is not only a great way to retain staff but is also a tax-deductible one, meaning that while you will have to spend the money upfront you can use the incentive as a claimable deduction.

As you can imagine, a secure health insurance plan is an important part of life for your employees and they will appreciate the extra benefits and coverage.


If you are looking to retain front-line staff then it can often become expensive because of the sheer volume of employees you have. To keep their important knowledge within your company, consider options like the Groupon Coupons page for Express which can allow you to take advantage of discounted prices while allowing …

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When it comes to business, it can be a draining experience, maintaining an air of professionalism and competence at all times. In other words, when it comes to business, it can be draining to be all business. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” as they say. Therefore, it can be nice to have a way to boost your morale when at the office. After all, morale is directly tied to productivity, so being less concerned about work can and will make you work more and better. Here are some tips to help you bounce back from professional fatigue.

First and foremost, redecorate your office or desk. It may sound like a small touch, and it certainly is, but it can be a big help in helping you stay afloat in between the heavy lifting of business deals. For example, you can do something as small as adding a bobble head or a hula girl, or any number of baubles or trinkets. The kitschier the better, really. Something wacky will help you stay sane in the most serious atmosphere of all time. You could also consider getting a plant or two, real or fake, your choice, to spruce up your work environment in a relaxing way. If you have your own office, consider going as far as to replace your desk, Better Call Saul style.

Another way to make your business career more bearable is to simply relax after work. One way to unwind after work is …

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Electronics You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Taking a road trip with kids is no easy feat. They get antsy and restless pretty quickly, making your job of getting your family to their destination harder. Keeping children occupied on a road trip is easy if you stock up on tech gadgets the kids will love. Don’t know what to buy? Don’t fret, I’ve picked out the top 10 tech gadgets that you can’t travel without during a road trip with kids.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Take on a Road Trip with Kids

1. Leapster 2

Leapster 2, a handheld video game system made by Leap Frog, is an essential tech gadget for a road trip with kids. You can buy games with all the kids favorite cartoon characters to keep them occupied. But that’s not the best part. All the games for Leapster 2 are educational, making learning fun for your child. Leapster 2 is perfect for long car rides. This is guaranteed to be a favorite with your child, so bring extra batteries.

2. Tag Reading System

A child needs some good books to read for a long road trip. The Tag Reading System, also made by Leap Frog, is specially designed books that respond to the Tag pen. The Tag pen will read the book to your child, or assist them with reading by helping with specific words. All your child has to do is touch the pen to the word. This interactive reading system also has mini-games built in that …

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Since you and your employees will be spending the better part of the day in the workplace, it’s important to bear in mind that you and your employees have to be comfortable. If you’re worried that this might affect productivity, you have to realize the fact that a comfortable work environment keeps employees stress-free, which then makes them productive. But just how do you make your employees comfortable in the workplace? Here are some tips to get you started.

Make sure it’s a safe work environment

You have to carry out risk assessment every now and then. Make sure the workplace is safe for your employees to avoid any unfortunate mishap. A safe work environment is a good work environment.

Get to know your employees

Being approachable will go a long way in your relationship with your employees. You can be business-minded and strict, but at the end of the day, you are spending most of your time with these people. The more comfortable they feel around you, the more they’ll stay in the company. It’s possible to be firm while being the “cool boss” at the same time.

Is your workplace spacious enough?

A cramped workplace may lead to discomfort and stress. Make sure that your workspace is clutter-free and organized. Maximize the space. Use proper storage for things around the office. A clean workplace goes a long way when it comes to productivity.

Keeping the environment as close to nature as possible

You could add plants to your …

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There are certain growing pains associated with a business that is doing well. Your time becomes a commodity that you no longer have. If it is your business, everyone wants to speak directly to you. While your business is growing, you would expect more profit being made as well. But this is not always the case. New employees have to be hired with some benefits provided, and this can get very costly for a small business. Even businesses that are making multi-million dollar deals do not always show a profit. There are constantly tough decisions that have to be made for the betterment of your company.

Data Storage

Whether your business is huge or just getting off the ground, one area you should invest in its technology. Usually you will have several people all using computers at your business. All the information from these computers is stored together on a network server. This allows for information to be shared more easily.

Companies often have to hire an IT person to manage the network servers and keep everything up to date. However, is an IT person actually needed as badly as you think? Could you handle your data storage a different way rather than having servers on site and employing an expensive IT person?

Consider a Data Center

Data centers do not have to be physically located inside your business. They will bring all of your IT operations and equipment together in one place. Quality data centers will be able to …

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Around Thanksgiving every year, people flock to all the big sales to get the latest electronics on the market. There is also an influx of purchases when a new game or system comes out on the market. If you are not an avid gamer, you could really care less about these deals on these electronics but maybe you should. This does not mean you should purchase the gaming system or games but you can capitalize on them.

How to Make Money from a Gaming System

No, we are not talking about joining a tournament online and trying to win some extra money. There is a much safer and hands-off way to make money from these new technologies. Instead, consider investing in the stock of these games. You know for certain that there will be massive sales for these items and if you purchase stock at the right time in their companies, you could see a wonderful return on your investment. As the sales increase, the stock price will rise as well. When everyone is buying these games and systems, you are making money off of their purchases.

Make the Smarter Decision While Investing

Even if you are an avid gamer, you can invest in both the stock and the system. With the rise in technology, and it showing no sign of slowing down, you could potentially keep your stock for many years in these companies. Presently, technology companies are some of the most common choices for stock options. There are …

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Unless a person is a true automobile mechanic they should probably not attempt to replace the engine in their car by themselves. Unfortunately, these same people often file their own taxes and believe they are able to handle any of the resulting problems without the help of a professional tax firm. Even when there are no sour circumstances associated with filing taxes independently, people still may need the assistance of a professional tax advisor to ensure they are properly filing specific forms and not missing any beneficial deductions or tax credits.

Tax laws frequently change from one year to the next, and since the governing bodies realize that some taxpayers feel a burden when trying to understand the new instructions, they have established a full community of volunteer agencies that help individual taxpayers complete their tax returns. These agencies operate independently and can be found within several difference social service realms to help people avoid some of the common tax problems that can be associated with self-filing tax returns or responding to the Canada Revenue Agency without first consulting an experienced professional.

Best Utah CPAs in Salt Lake City

The same is true for taxpayers in the United States as well. The IRS and federal government are constantly revising and updating current laws, as well as adding new tax legislature each and every year. For the individual taxpayer, this can make filing taxes quite complicated without the help of a professional. However, for those that do choose to go at …

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April 3rd is the launch of the much awaited Wi-Fi version of the Apple Wi-Fi iPad, and once again lines form in front of Apple stores and Best Buy. However, the over-night campers and lines are not as great as other product launches, such as the iPhone. But not because of the unemployment rate or struggling economy, but because consumers had the option of pre-ordering, and having their Wi-Fi Apple iPad shipped to them.

CNET has a team covering the launch of yet another intriguing product. They are in a few locations like New York and California covering the story. Why is it that people rush out at the launch of a new gadget? It could be the eagerness to get ones hands on it to try it out, you know test it, to see if it does all that its manufacturer has promised. Some consumers just have to be the first to have the latest tech gadget bug, and others may simply be addicted to the thrill of it all. Has technology brainwashed society?

Whatever the case may be new items seem to fly off the shelves in record numbers each time they are launched. In a wavering economy one cannot help wondering if some consumers are stretching their budgets too far by spending hundreds of dollars on the Apple Wi-Fi iPad. It is good for the economy, but is it good for people who may be struggling to pay their bills.

What does this new iPad offer hungry consumers. …

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