I love to talk. I like to think I'm wise in certain areas. So do other people. However when asked for advice or when someone tries to strike up serious conversation, once I get talking, a ringtone shatters the flow of topic. It's not an important call. It's a data message with a dancing turd singing "My Heart Will Go on". Total I.Q. descent after that. The dancing turd must be seen and heard.

The forwarded text message telling the latest sexist joke takes priority over "What should I do about my alcoholism, or addiction to paint thinner?". We are too busy driving while texting or talking to care that we just cut off someone, and ticked them off royal. We're too busy listening to Mp3 players to hear the old lady down the street screaming, or to hear a car horn blowing to say "Get outta the way!".

I love the idea of this Apple iPad sweepstakes, it draws more people to this awesome site. You see, I don't have many things that drive me except for writing what needs to be said. Hubpages gives me the chance to do that. And no hubpages, I'm not trying to kiss your butt, haha. I digress.

Do we really need the iPad, and smart phones, and the pieces of equipment where we play first person shooters, check our e-mail, look at porn, and make calls all at the same time. When we should be working? Or fishing? Making love? Going out and actually meeting people? Must we bury our noses into the grid and avoid everyone else that is doing it just because everyone else is doing it. It's so reciprocal. BREAK THE CYCLE! Why can we not drop off the grid a little and remember trees and kites and frisbees? It must be too hot. Or we must be too tired from bowling on the Wii. Because picking up a real ball and hurling it at heavy, plastic coated wooden pins, while maybe drinking a beer, listening to some good music that most alley patrons can enjoy, and communicating with people really sucks. It's better to simulate. We contest the machine so we can contest eachothers bragging rights over who won. Forget you. I win. I win when I photograph unprogrammed nature. I win when I help fix someones deadbolt. I win when I put granny's groceries in the trunk of her run down Cadillac for her. And she really appreciates it when while being helped, she doesn't hear a raunchy ringtone start to blurt from your pocket.

Techies wouldn't give most people the time of day if their phones weren't already in front of their face. I'm done complaining now. I'm gonna go play some Guitar Hero. Shalom.


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