Technology is an unavoidable aspect of modern life. If you’re deciding to start a company in any customer service sector, you’ll appreciate the conveniences it brings. Here are just three ways you can take advantage of new technology for your salon business.

Help Your Employees More Effectively Communicate

Save your company valuable time by taking advantage of email and cloud services. Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive will allow your team to easily share files like customer appointments with each other. Any work can be easily edited and be made instantly available among all employees that you want to have access to the account. To increase company security, consider using intranet specialists like Igloo. Now your employees can collaborate on projects together and use instant messaging for fast communication all while staying safe on your own restricted computer network. Igloo is ideal for small business, especially, as it’s free to use for teams up to ten individuals.

Manage Stock Levels and Company Performance

Modern productivity suites allow you to easily monitor your company’s stock levels and business performance. You’ll be able to manage sales, stock, and turnover reports with a few clicks to help you keep on top of your business and accurately predict your financial earnings. Stock levels can be monitored easily and you can be prompted automatically when you’re ever low on a particular item. You can even set the system to automatically order the product when you reach certain levels so that’ll you always have the supplies you need.

Help You Create a Brand and Market Your Company

After you’ve come up with the initial idea, you’ll want to consider the brand and how you’ll market it. Growing your business can be difficult, but companies such as Phorest can make your business more popular by creating an app that customers can access via their phone, tablet, or desktop. Your app can be personalised to match your brand and allow customers to easily book appointments at any time with their credit card. The information will be sent to your own system and it will be just like they walked through the door to make an appointment. A second app, for business use only, is also possible so employees can have access to their own work schedules on the go.

Investing in technology is essential to make sure your new company doesn’t get left behind. You, as a business owner, will benefit from the information it provides and your customers will appreciate the conveniences it makes available.

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