A baby shower is an exciting time for an expectant mother. Family and friends gather to celebrate and help the mother prepare for the arrival of the baby. A growing trend is to plan a baby shower with an eco-friendly theme. It is a great way to keep the environment healthy for the future of the baby. Below is a list of ideas that will benefit in planning this themed baby shower.

Invite Baby Shower Guests Through Technology

Take advantage of technology and send invitations electronically. Websites such as Evite provide shower invitations which can be sent to guests via e-mail.

This is a great way to save paper and money on a postage stamp. Send actual invitations to guests who are not computer literate by using invitations printed on recyclable paper. Design the invitations so that guests will know that the shower has an organic theme.

Suggest Guests Purchase Organic Clothing or Toys

Recommend that the mother register for gifts that are natural and organic. Many brand name stores are starting to carry organic clothing and toys. Suggest to guests in the invitation that they wrap gifts using earth-friendly materials such as newspapers, paper bags, a baby blanket, towels or reuse old gift bags. When sending thank you cards after the shower, choose cards made from recycled material.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Atmosphere

If the shower is going to be outside, choose an eco-friendly location such as a garden or an aquarium. When decorating, use materials that are biodegradable and use plants or flowers to brighten the area. Create magnificent centerpieces with vases filled with rocks, bamboo, or fill glass bowls with fruit. The fruit can be given to guests as they leave.

Instead of using paper plates and plastic silverware, use real dishes. If dishes are not an option, choose plates made from recycled material. These can be found at Green Party Goods. Designate an area for guests to recycle bottles or trash.

Provide Shower Favors That are Green

Party favors should be eco-friendly. Purchase organic chocolate or a bag of loose leaf tea. Giving packets of flower seeds is also a popular idea. Make note cards with organic facts on them and set one at every place setting. For a list of eco-friendly shower favors, visit Beau-coup.

Give Green Gifts for Game Winners

Games are a tradition at most baby showers. Play a game or two with a green theme. Purchase organic gifts for winners such as organic hand lotion and body wash. Wrap the gifts with the comics section of the newspaper or in a dish towel for an added gift.

Having an eco-friendly baby shower will create awareness on the importance and benefits of making organic decisions. Start by sending invitations to guests electronically. Other ways include suggesting that guests buy organic gifts for baby, choosing an eco-friendly atmosphere, and providing green shower favors. For more information on having an organic baby shower, visit Organic Baby Resource.

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