Crazy about using Gmail email service, but wish it was more versatile? For those with Windows, lots of terrific applications at no cost to you can let you make better use of your bottomless inbox.

Pidgin may not actually be too useful with Gmail, but it allows you to chat with other users logged in for that purpose. The latest incarnation is equipped with Google Voice and Video tech support as well. Check it out at

GPhoto Space offers you an additional location where you can save and share your photos on the web. What for? Perhaps you prefer not to start an album with Flickr or Picasa Web. You may merely wish to keep your pictures in a secluded spot where only you can see them. Go to

Digsby permits you to chat with your contacts as well – all that's necessary is to install Tokbox to use voice and video chat functions. Digsby will, though, notify you of incoming mail. In any case, we suggest getting hold of the alternate installer. Find it at

GBridge assembles a Hamachi-like VPN and can give you an assortment of nifty features suitable for a Windows desktop, such as file sharing, backup, synchronizing, and remote control through VNC. The developers have contributed support for Google Apps domains, making this a wonderful means to organize your office team communications. See it at

Affixa provides a simple means of notifying Windows that Gmail is your default mail provider, and lets you send file attachments directly from your desktop. Should you prefer to skip any desktop applications for your email and use IMAP or POP access for Gmail instead, Affixa is an appropriate method of filling in the space between your computer and cyberspace. Find this at

Gmail Drive is a true classic. I have a few gigabytes on hand, and in no way could I use them up with real email in the near future. Plug Gmail Drive into your version of Windows, and you'll be able to add files into all that additional space as though it were just a folder in your computer. Check it out at

Gmail Backup offers you a simple method for saving copies of your important cyberspace inbox on your local system. You'll need IMAP to get to Gmail, so be certain in advance it's already enabled on your computer. GMB has, additionally, restore capability, giving you an expedient means of moving between different Gmail addresses if necessary. Go to

G2peer lets you share files easily among your contacts through your Gmail account. If you don't require any of GBridge's other features, g2peer is an appropriate choice. Your email buddies on the receiving side won't have to acquire any application to accept your files because it's compatible with "command line" interaction through Gmail. Take a look at the help page to find out the working details. Go to


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