Changing technology can sometimes leave consumers in a race to catch up with newest innovations. While we reminisce about our cassette players, VCRs and CD players, we never let sentimentality stop us from rushing out and buying the biggest, shiniest new thing that technology has created.

I would bet that the majority of you reading this article receive your television programming through a cable or digital provider such as Dish or DIRECTV. There is no argument that these providers have an enormous amount of programming. The channels offered are endless. But, let's be honest, all those channels come at a price.

Rising costs of programming and limited channels available on budget-friendly packages somehow make the idea of relying solely on cable or satellite programming a bit archaic, not as technologically advanced as we sometimes believe. In addition to the rising costs associated with cable and satellite providers, many local networks find themselves disputing over the terms that allow networks like CBS and NBC to deliver local programming on their affiliate networks. Just recently, I experienced the pain of missing two weeks of my CW programming because of such a dispute. Please don't hold my love affair with the CW against me. Sometimes we need a mind-numbing television experience.

How does one compensate for the holes in cable and digital technology? It is as simple as going back in time and reconsidering the benefits of the trusty old television antenna.

Don't misunderstand me. I am not suggesting you deflower you 50- …

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What if you could leave the cleaning job on a robot and finish other important household chores? It would help you in saving a lot of time and keeping your home clean all the time. This might sound like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, but those robots are available now! Robot floor vacuums are real and these devices are quite effective, when it comes to cleaning the floor.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a round-shaped device, which may look small but it cleans quite effectively. It is equipped with sensors, which you can program to vacuum clean rugs, wooden floor, and tiled floor.

Is it effective?

Robot floor vacuums are quite effective. You can choose a robotic vacuum cleaner in different sizes and with different features.  Consider it as a home appliance designed to tackle floor cleaning work. It operates pretty great because it can find and remove dirt and contaminants from your rugs or floor.


This vacuum cleaner does not require human intervention. You can turn it on and leave it on the floor. Soon, you will realize that your robot floor vacuums have cleaned the whole area. Now you just need to pick it and remove the collected dirt and pollutants out in a garbage can.

Why you should buy a robotic vacuum cleaner?

You might wonder that the regular vacuum cleaner also works great, then why to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. The following reasons will show you why it is quite essential for every …

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I remember when I was a child growing up on a farm in Northern California and getting up, packing the car and leaving way before sunup to arrive in the San Francisco Bay area in time for dinner at my grandparent’s house, after riding the ferry across the bay. We packed our meals, water and toilet paper in the car, because we always left on a Saturday when my father was off work and the gas stations, stores and restaurants were all closed for the weekend. A rest stop was on the side of the highway or behind a tree or bush.

Now, that same trip takes around two hours on the freeway and is served by enumerable convenience stores, restaurants, rest areas, 24 hour stores and a bridge where we rode the ferry.

It’s true that the speed limit of 60 to 70 mph is considerably faster than the 35 mph limit that was on the highway back then. But the freeways are wider, smoother, better maintained and more accurately engineered as well as the vehicles that drive on them have been refined and made more aerodynamic, fuel efficient and speedier. Although my 1953 Ford Fairlane flattop V-8 could go 120 mph when pushed. But that was not the usual.

I remember waiting our turn to use the phone due to the party line, listening for our particular ring to answer it. The phone wasn’t used much because it was still a novelty and was very expensive to use. …

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From a macro perspective, technology vendors always love to talk about the importance of channel. They say things like, "Channel means everything to us," "We run 100 percent of business through the channel," "The channel partners are an extension of their company." From a micro perspective, sometimes what people say and do can be much different. Think about it, is everyone a team player? Does everyone like to work in groups? Do some people have control and trust issues? These are all things that can lead to a single person not wanting to leverage the channel for support. To help showcase some of the values of a channel from both a macro and micro level, I listed three reasons why you should leverage channel from each level.


  1. Raising an "army" – Look at a company like Cisco. They have essentially raised an army. They have provided the army with information on how to use Cisco products and why Cisco products are the best. Cisco has thousands of channel partners all over the world and hundreds of thousands of certified Cisco sales and engineering people. This makes it very hard to compete with them.
  2. Branding – When one organization partners with you, they typically market and advertise by leveraging your brand. This can give you increased brand awareness as partner numbers increase.
  3. Contracts – When dealing with Government, there are hundreds of contracts. When you dive into the state, local and education levels, the number increases dramatically. Why try to
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For tech enthusiasts, the new Apple iPad will be available for purchase on April 3, 2010 in the U.S and pre-orders were available starting on Mar. 12th. The iPad is expected to hike tablet sales to 10.5 million, according to PCWorld. The iPad is supposed to be a different type of tablet than the ones introduced in the past. The features and apps are numerous and the price affordable starting at only $499. The first version of the iPad released will have Wi-Fi capability only and the 3-G enabled iPad would be released in late April or early May. Is the iPad for you? This article will cover some of the many neat features of the new iPad to help you decide if it is for you.

Features and Apps of the new Apple iPad

Large Touch Screen: The iPad has a large multi- touch screen for viewing web pages utilizing just the flick of your fingers. There is no actual keyboard. There are thumbnail views on a grid with all open pages which allows easy access when switching back and forth.

Email: The iPad makes viewing and touching your emails easier than ever. The iPad is turned horizontally or to (landscape) to view opened emails and messages in a split screen view. Turn it vertically or to (portrait) and the screen fills with just the opened emails. With just the tap or roll of your finger, in either landscape or portrait position, you can compose new emails, …

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Crazy about using Gmail email service, but wish it was more versatile? For those with Windows, lots of terrific applications at no cost to you can let you make better use of your bottomless inbox.

Pidgin may not actually be too useful with Gmail, but it allows you to chat with other users logged in for that purpose. The latest incarnation is equipped with Google Voice and Video tech support as well. Check it out at

GPhoto Space offers you an additional location where you can save and share your photos on the web. What for? Perhaps you prefer not to start an album with Flickr or Picasa Web. You may merely wish to keep your pictures in a secluded spot where only you can see them. Go to

Digsby permits you to chat with your contacts as well – all that's necessary is to install Tokbox to use voice and video chat functions. Digsby will, though, notify you of incoming mail. In any case, we suggest getting hold of the alternate installer. Find it at

GBridge assembles a Hamachi-like VPN and can give you an assortment of nifty features suitable for a Windows desktop, such as file sharing, backup, synchronizing, and remote control through VNC. The developers have contributed support for Google Apps domains, making this a wonderful means to organize your office team communications. See it at

Affixa provides a simple means of notifying Windows that Gmail is your default mail provider, and lets …

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Back when Google first launched Google+ what most users heard was that it was simply Google copying Facebook, and to some extent that appears to be a fair assessment. But, in all the noise about the posting to circles and all that, little notice was made of something called "Hangouts" in Google+ which might just be the nudge that kicks Google+ into a successful social media site. Mike Swift, of the San Jose Mercury News has written an article that has been syndicated all over the web, about the rise of Google Hangouts, and where it might be going. And Uberizmo after giving Hangouts a second look has some thoughts about it as well.

The big deal about Hangouts, which is basically video conferencing for the home crowd, is that users can write apps for it, just as they do for Smartphones. And that's what is driving the new publicity. Say you'd like to play cards with five of your buddies, but nobody wants to drive. All you and your buds have to do is fire up Google+ Hangouts, download an app that's been written for just that purpose, and just like that, you've got your card game. The app recreates cards onscreen, similar to Microsoft's ubiquitous Solitaire, for all to see, thus eliminating any chance of cheating. Players can see one another though, so bluffing is still the most important skill a player can have. Likewise, another developer created a simple drawing program that allows her mother to draw …

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A baby shower is an exciting time for an expectant mother. Family and friends gather to celebrate and help the mother prepare for the arrival of the baby. A growing trend is to plan a baby shower with an eco-friendly theme. It is a great way to keep the environment healthy for the future of the baby. Below is a list of ideas that will benefit in planning this themed baby shower.

Invite Baby Shower Guests Through Technology

Take advantage of technology and send invitations electronically. Websites such as Evite provide shower invitations which can be sent to guests via e-mail.

This is a great way to save paper and money on a postage stamp. Send actual invitations to guests who are not computer literate by using invitations printed on recyclable paper. Design the invitations so that guests will know that the shower has an organic theme.

Suggest Guests Purchase Organic Clothing or Toys

Recommend that the mother register for gifts that are natural and organic. Many brand name stores are starting to carry organic clothing and toys. Suggest to guests in the invitation that they wrap gifts using earth-friendly materials such as newspapers, paper bags, a baby blanket, towels or reuse old gift bags. When sending thank you cards after the shower, choose cards made from recycled material.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Atmosphere

If the shower is going to be outside, choose an eco-friendly location such as a garden or an aquarium. When decorating, use materials that are biodegradable and …

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The �social shaping' of technology is a concept asserting that technology – which can be defined as �all methods and means devised by humans in pursuit of their practical ends' (Chant & Goodman, 1999) – is to some extent influenced by social or cultural factors. In particular relation to building technology, this means that how and what people build is influenced to a greater or lesser extent by such factors as the way their society is organised or whether religion is important in their culture. Social shaping can be seen as attempting a synthesis between two opposing theories of historical change, technological determinism – which claims that technological innovations cause societal change – and social constructionism – which counters that change is not inevitable when technology develops; rather, the effect of a technological development depends on negotiating the best solution for all social groups involved.

Ancient Egyptian society was hierarchically organised under the rule of the Pharaohs, absolute monarchs who owned all land and controlled trade. They believed in the after-life and that it was important to ensure dead rulers' comfort in it. This focus led to technological progress in several areas. Mummification techniques were developed to preserve the bodies. The need to build funerary structures to house the dead and their possessions meant that the simplest form, mastabas (underground burial pits topped with a �bench' of mud bricks) evolved into complex and massive stone pyramids. These required innovations in quarrying and stonemasonry, as well as in human-powered transport to …

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I love to talk. I like to think I'm wise in certain areas. So do other people. However when asked for advice or when someone tries to strike up serious conversation, once I get talking, a ringtone shatters the flow of topic. It's not an important call. It's a data message with a dancing turd singing "My Heart Will Go on". Total I.Q. descent after that. The dancing turd must be seen and heard.

The forwarded text message telling the latest sexist joke takes priority over "What should I do about my alcoholism, or addiction to paint thinner?". We are too busy driving while texting or talking to care that we just cut off someone, and ticked them off royal. We're too busy listening to Mp3 players to hear the old lady down the street screaming, or to hear a car horn blowing to say "Get outta the way!".

I love the idea of this Apple iPad sweepstakes, it draws more people to this awesome site. You see, I don't have many things that drive me except for writing what needs to be said. Hubpages gives me the chance to do that. And no hubpages, I'm not trying to kiss your butt, haha. I digress.

Do we really need the iPad, and smart phones, and the pieces of equipment where we play first person shooters, check our e-mail, look at porn, and make calls all at the same time. When we should be working? Or fishing? Making love? Going out …

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